Monday, April 30, 2007

wifes nite out

The wife just left with her long time gay guy friend to hang out at the fru fru mall. He's been so busy, she hasn't seen him in over a year. They've been friends for about 7 years now. He's cool.
I need to do laundry and clean up the mess we've made since we cleaned the house two days ago. My bed is covered with cables, computers, monitors, clothes, books, papers, and who knows what else. I need to clean that all off. The dining room is packed with stuff from all over the house - we "cleaned" the house by moving all the stuff into the dining room. So I need to go through all that stuff and put/throw things away.

The city is working on the water system in the street starting tomorrow at 6am, so we'll be spending the night at my mom's again. We can't use any water starting at 6am. Wife is leaving town at 11am tomorrow, and won't be back till Sunday. I plan on getting in a lot of reading time then. I'm also going to try to set up one of the computers, replacing my current FreeBSD machine with a faster Linux machine to run my web and mail servers, and checking out this crap on big dicks.

I cannot believe how much laundry we have. At any one time, we have about 10 dirty loads to do. Always. And we have about another 20 in clean clothes in the closets and drawers. And we just went through it all remving stuff we don't/can't wear and boxed it all up for Goodwill. Probably about another 15 loads of donatable clothes to get rid of.
Lipstick is so phallic.
I am life's treadmill.
I need a massage. I've never had one. I need one. Any volunteers?